What is Bromhexine or Bisolvon

Bromhexine or Bisolvon

Bromhexine is a synthetic benzylamine derivative of alkaloid vasicine obtained from the plant Adhatoda vasaca. franck muller replica

It is given orally, parenteral and by inhalation. It is commonly kmown by the commercial name bisolvon.

By breaking the secretions it males the sputum and the phlegm thin and of less viscosity.

What is BromhexineThen the sputum becomes thin it is cleared more easily and fast by the cilia on the mucosa of the respiratory tract. This mucolytic effect is utilized in cough syrups containing bromhexine. http://www.swissreplica.cc/

Experimentally, the drug reduces the viscosity of sputum by dissolving muco­polysaccharide fibers. It is usually administered in doses of 8-16 mg. thrice daily. Adverse reactions are minor and infrequent. It can be combined with bronchodilators. audemars piguet replica

It is one of the commonest cough syrup in use. https://www.watchesandmore.de/

Other Bromhexine Commercial Names

Ambroxol is active metabolite of drug that acts as mucolytic and is commercially available.

Bromhexine Preprations

It main indication is respiratory infections either of upper or lower respiratory tract.

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